posted on: 7.07.2007

Oakley Rodeo!! I love the Oakley Rodeo- I love the small town feel, the crowd, the clown ( who really is funny), and the smell- if you can believe it! This was Tate's first rodeo and she seemed to enjoy it! I think we'll be going for years to come! Here is Danielle practicing for her little one! Our good friends Josh and Danielle Green are expecting their first in January- I'm hoping it's a boy so Tate can have a boyfriend! After the long weekend- the parade, the fireworks, the rodeo our little Tate was so tired- good thing she LOVES that carseat!


  1. Chelsea, this is Maere Weed, Cassi's cousin, how are you?! I found your blog through Cassi's and I was so excited to see pictures of your darling little girl, what a sweetheart! We just moved to VA and so are now far away but I hope we can stay in touch through these wonderful blogs! You can visit ours at:
    hope all is well,

  2. Chels,
    WE love the blog! We will have to get busy and do one ourselves one day! The rodeo pics. turned out cute! It was so much fun and we are so glad you came!
    Josh and Danielle

  3. chelsea, I love your hair! It is so frakin cute. you guys have such a cute family

  4. Chelsea, Where did you get your cute lace shirt? I have been looking for something like it for Jessica Olsens wedding.


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