posted on: 7.12.2007's what fun is!! Yesterday was Stake Lagoon Day, so my family decided to take advantage of the great deal and head on up to Farmington. Actually, after tons of begging from me and "selling" them on the idea we went. I think they were forgetting how fun Lagoon is! Really, am I such a nerd? I love Lagoon though! I hadn't been since I was in Jr. High and there are so many fun new rides... here we are waiting to get on the "Rocket"- it's the one that takes you to the top of a tower and then just drops you!! Scary!! We also went on the Spider, Wicked (one of my favorites), Jet Star- Wyatt and I almost got whiplash from that one, oh and that awful Mouse ride where you feel like your going to fall off the track the whole time! I hated that one!!
CHOWIN' DOWN!! I LOVE cotton candy, and so does Boo (my little sister)... wow- we are dorks!!
I have to admit my favorite ride is still the "Terroride"!! It scares me every time at the end!
Tate loves Lagoon too apparently! She just smiled and chilled in her stroller all day!! Don't you just love her cherry apple cheeks! So cute!!


  1. I love lagoon too. I was way sad that we missed good 'ol stake lagoon day this year. The rocket is my fav. Tate is a doll. I am so jealous that you got to see Mckay too! I cant wait until christmas when I can snuggle both of your little ones!

  2. Hi Chelsea! It's Kellie (Ross) and Ty Nilsson! What a gorgeous baby, congrats! I am excited I found you so that we can keep in touch :)
    Also, I love the pictures of the Frandsen fam! It takes me back.....

  3. Chelsea-

    Your little Tate is a doll!! I love the rosey cheeks at Lagoon. It's fun to see your cute little family and what you guys are up to.


  4. Yeah! I finally get to see your blog! You're family is so cute, and I wish I would have seen you at Lagoon. We were the same - we totally had to talk my parents in to Lagoon Day, but they loved it. Its so funny going there and all the memories you have. Anyway, I'm glad I have your blog address now! We need to get together w/ the Greens sometime...that would be fun. (Maybe we'll see you when we bounce back to Lagoon..ha ha).
    -Lindsay D.

  5. I want to kidnap your child!! Come visit me in Boston Tate!


    Lagoon is the best cotton candy is not! :)

  6. Hey Chelsea,
    It's Jenny(Jensen)Mawhinney. I found your blog through Amber's, and it is really cute. Tate is adorable! Hope everything is going good. I really haven't seen many people since high school, so it was fun to see some pics. Oh and Lagoon is great!


  7. Yippee! So glad you've posted! Tate is absolutely adorable! See you at work!!!

  8. Tate is so, so cute. I want to go to Lagoon.


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