posted on: 7.22.2007

Girls Trip!!!
my favorite place
This weekend I was in Seattle with the girls. Well, my sister lives here with her fiance' Shan, and my mom, Brooke and I went out to see them and help tie up all the final wedding plans. We look for any excuse to go somewhere with just the girls. Every year since Jr. High we have always taken a girls shopping trip.... Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco or New York, it doesn't really matter where we go we always seem to have the best time! But, the last few years since we are getting "older" we haven't taken one... until now! Really, we are here to help Heather with her wedding plans, but we can ALWAYS squeeze in some shopping... So here's a little look at our trip!
On Saturday we had a long day in the car. We were heading to Leavenworth to see the Mountain Springs Lodge where Heather and Shan will have their wedding and reception. It was about 3 hours out of Seattle, but I didn't mind... just look at the views! Anyone who knows me knows I love a good road trip. Just give me good music, good company, and some "drinks & treats" and I am set to go!

Once we finally got there we were welcomed with a "Thanksgiving Dinner" type feast!! We thought we'd just be sampling some of the food for the wedding, but turns out the chef got a little cook happy and made us like 10 fabulous dishes- smoked salmon, filet mignon, pork tenderloin, homemade hummus, caprese, roasted red potatoes, roasted veggies, and 3 kinds of cobbler for dessert!! We certainly didn't complain... Here are Shan, Heather, mom, Hilda (my sister's BFF and our adopted sister for the weekend), and Brooke enjoying the grub!

The grounds were huge with lots of different cabins and beautiful views. Here is the barn where the rehearsal dinner will be and an outdoor movie to follow- So fun! I'm definitely more of a city girl, but this place was so charming I might become a cowgirl for the weekend!


  1. ok I am so jealous. I absolutely love SEATTLE. looks like you had a fabulous time there.

  2. hi chelsea! fun to see you on our blog. i had totally checked yours out... tate is absolutely precious. the picture of her from the post "daddy's girl" where she is in a flower dress with her hands up over her head is literally the cutest picture i have ever seen in my life!!! i'm glad you had fun in seattle - travis and i lived there for three years. it is a gorgeous place.
    anyway congrats on the darling baby!

    corinne russell hannan

  3. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I'm glad you had such a great time with the girls... this wedding is going to be amazing!!


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