Daddy's Girl...

posted on: 7.10.2007

From day 1 she's always been a Daddy's he is holding her when she was about 3 days old and only 3 pounds!One of many Sunday snuggletimes...
One of many Sunday naps together- gotta love those Sunday naps!
Tate and dad playing outside- I think she is showing us her muscles!!
She just adores him, and he adores her! She knows what time he gets home & is always so excited to see him! They even have their own language!!
I can't believe how big she is! She is already growing up too fast!


  1. Tate is BEAUTIFUL, you are one lucky mama!

  2. Hey Chelsea! I am glad you found my blog so I could find you! Your daughter is so beautiful! It's fun to see what my long lost friends are up to these days... so I hope you don't mind me checkin' in on ya. Keep blogging!
    -Becca Romney Mauss

  3. So cute! Don't you just love that she's a daddy's girl?! You forgot to add how much she loves her aunt cassi too.... ha ha! I wish she knew me, she's so beautiful.

  4. Hello chels! I am so glad to find you in the world of blogging! We are just getting all set up and comfortable out here in Kentucky! Check out the blog:
    Talk to you soon!
    Love, Alyssa & Jae


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