Auggie Home + Design Giveaway

posted on: 3.24.2014

I love being able to discovery great brands. It's one of the best parts of my job. Even better when you find one, use it over and over again, and then build an online friendship of sorts with them. That's what makes working behind a computer tolerable.
Auggie Home is one of those brands. It's one of the very first places I search when I'm looking for unique, well made, baby, toddler or kid bedding. The prints and colors are made to mix and match which works so well with my style and I've used their patterns in many nursery designs, particularly their Cross Stitch Quilts.
 It's why I'm so excited to be partnering with them for an amazing Room Design Giveaway!

 The winner will receive a full kids room design or redesign by me, where we'll work together to create the perfect space for your baby on the way, toddler transitioning, or tween! Plus, Auggie Home is so generously offering the winner a $500 credit toward any purchase in their store, so your little one can be spoiled in their luxurious bedding!

To enter:  See details on my Instagram

Good Luck!

Design In Five

posted on: 2.20.2014

I love hearing "I wish you could just come over real quick" from friends, clients and readers! Or those surprise emails I get from blog readers and potential clients asking for my paint recommendations or favorite sources for lighting. I really do. It means you like what I'm doing & that makes me happy!

I've decided to add DESIGN IN FIVE as a new design service to offer where you can ask simple design questions, and get my professional opinions and sources in a timely manner. Design In Five is a $15 service paid up front, and questions will be answered within 48 hours. It's an in-and-out design experience for us both, which sometimes is all you need, right? Just someone to quickly look at your chair and suggest a new fabric. Or give you some new wallpaper ideas for your outdated powder room. Maybe you're overwhelmed by all the options of the "perfect gray" you see on Pinterest and need a second opinion. Or the ever so daunting task of choosing an area rug. Ask away, I'm happy to help!

Email me at for your DESIGN IN FIVE questions

To see a full list of my design services, click here.


*Design In Five will not include any phone calls, ordering of products, free follow ups, ect. It is simply a way to get a designers eye & opinion on a problem area of yours. Think of it as "just a little advice", not a full scale service.

Valentine Roundup: Gifts & Homemade Valentine

posted on: 2.05.2014

Today I'm guest posting on the beautiful and creative blog, West Coast Capri, and sharing my favorite Valentine gift ideas for you and your little one! I had such a hard time narrowing it down, so I've decided to share the rest here too. Does it mean I'm cheesy if I'm drawn to this kitschy holiday? Oh well. Between my picks there, where I share my absolute favorite perfume (which your husband will thank you for!) and here you should be set!
^Visit West Coast Capri to see my picks above ^

Here's what I didn't include... For You!

For The Little!


For Tate's school this year they aren't making Valentine boxes, and although she doesn't seem to mind I was almost in tears. Okay not really. But really, that is like one of my very favorite things to do with her! Sometimes I think they take too much fun out of holidays at school these days. 
If you're looking for ideas, here's what we did for 2011, 2012, and 2013.

 2013: Hot Air Balloon Valentine Box . This little image has been pinned 1,400 times! Gosh though, if we had to do another one this year I might want to re do the same one. It's so so easy.

2013:  I wooly willy like you Valentine (great for a non candy idea!)

Happy Valentine's Day! 
xo Chelsea

In my Beauty Bag

posted on: 2.04.2014

Today I'm sharing my beauty routine from start to finish, it's really not at all glamorous, but over the years it's by far my most frequent asked question. When Tate asked why I was taking pictures of my makeup yesterday I chucked. I told her it was to "share secrets with my friends, because girls do those sorts of things". Right? Lets dive in.

 First up I must give a shout out to my favorite makeup bag, which is $2. Thanks Target. I love it's smoky black clear material that I can wipe clean. Why fuss with tons of pockets?

Everything that you see in this picture is what I wear every day, with the exception to the Nars eyeshadow in the top right. I only wear eyeshadow on dates usually. I keep it simple with a little powder, under eye concealer, blush, contour, mascara and chapstick. I don't wear eyeliner, although it used to be a staple. Looking awake and fresh, but like I'm not wearing makeup is the look I like best. Most of this is really basic, but I'll go over my favorites and why.

<< To prep my skin for makeup I wash it in lukewarm water, and apply my Vichy cream. I wait about 5 minutes before starting my makeup to allow the cream to soak in a bit >>

Great Lash: used it since high school, don't think I could ever switch. Not too thick or too thin. Cheap.

Benefit Gimme Brow: amazing brow filler for us who'd like thick dark brows but weren't lucky enough to be born with them. I used to color mine every 2 weeks, but now I use this and it's so much easier! It goes on like a mascara, so it only covers the hairs, not the skin, and also shapes them. A great product.

Nyx Undereye Concealer in Beige: so cheap, covers dark circles amazing, doesn't crease, and stays put. I use this either alone, or if I'm real tired looking I use it on top of Bobbi Brown's under eye concealer (which I get in a super light & bright shade, then warm it up a bit with the NYX).
*I use to only use the bobbi brown in a nice matched shade, but I found for me it looked a bit wet, and would always crease. The nyx is neither dry or too wet, and you really can't beat the price. Under eye concealer is what I would say makes my face look the most "fresh and young". If you aren't using it, start. Brightening up under your eye makes a huge difference for your face.

Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: A good sheer-medium coverage, that covers just enough for me. I apply this, with my big powder brush all over my face after my Vichy cream has soaked in. 

Nars Nepal Eyeshadow: A really pretty neutral/pink sheen that gives depth, but doesn't overdo it. Definitely light enough for every day. I'm just over doing makeup at the moment.

Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink: Ooh I just love this pop of pink. Don't let the bright color scare you. It does have a lot of pigment, but you just need a little. It's the perfect little pink cheek!

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Ombre a Paupieres: I actually use this as a contour for my cheekbones, and side of my nose. I know some women use bronzer for contour, but I think that seems banana's. Shadows aren't orange, they're brown. On my skin tone, this ends up looking very natural.

Chapstick Classic: use your favorite chapstick, whatever it might be, this is mine. My tip is, apply it right after you apply your powder/ foundation and let it soften your lips the rest of the time you do your makeup and hair. That way if you're going to top it off with lipgloss or color, your lips are already soft and moisturized.

 Taking Care of my skin:

Before Bed: Wash with Cetaphil, and apply my beloved Vichy cream.

Every other night I use my Renova, which is Retin A. No Question girls this makes the most difference. There isn't a lotion, wash, makeup that will do what this does. It's by prescription only, and is pricey, but proven to reduce wrinkles and remove sun spots, and it really does! I've been consistently using it for 5 years now. This isn't a moisturizer though, so you do need also a lotion or cream to follow it up with.

I'd love to hear if any of you have absolute favorite products, tips or tricks, and if you happen to try any of these out let me know what you think!
xo Chelsea

New At Land Of Nod

posted on: 2.03.2014

I love this time of year when all the stores start getting new furniture and decor. It makes shopping, designing, and just dreaming way more fun! Land of Nod, like many of you, is one of my faves and they've got some killer new stuff in. I'm dying to work some of these products into a little boys room I'll be working on soon. Here are all my favorites from their new arrivals...

Clockwise from top 1/2/3/4/5 
 I'm so in love with those camp inspired canvas's. They may need to make an appearance in the boys new room. Finn and Tuck have recently needed to be separated into their own rooms, so sad, but it's for the best. So it's making me rethink how I'm going to transition it into toddler room, and now on an even tighter budget, considering we'll have to do two rooms at the same time. 

One of the best kids rugs of all time. There, I said it. 
Land of Nod took note of all those pinned DIY ombre dressers and created their own. Smart. I'm thinking those bookshelves would look awesome anywhere in the home too, not just in a kids space.

What are your favorites?

Capturing Chicago: A Two Day Guide

posted on: 1.27.2014

This past week I got to spend a short, but delicious and fun two days in Chicago with my mom and sister. Wyatt had the week off work, and being the doll he is (but really, this is why I married him), sent us off to have a few days on our own while he stayed with the kids. It's just a short 3 hour drive from Indy, which is making me itch for another trip already. Thanks to my sweet friends on Instagram, we had some great recommendations, and discovered some of our own. Here's my guide for a short, quick girls trip to Chicago!



Milk & Honey (Wicker Park)
Bakin and Eggs (Lake View)
Glazed and Infused Donuts (several locations)
Ann Sathers cinnamon rolls were highly recommended by several, although we never made it there

We actually slept in so late that we never ate lunch. Only brunch + dinner:)

The Purple Pig (Magnificent Mile) fabulous!
Antique Taco (Wicker Park) -
perfect cheap and delicious spot, would make a great lunch too
*Taco's in general seem to be big there, as I was also recommended to try Big Star Taco, and Taco Joint. Let me know if you get to try them!
Shopping: (by area)

Magnificent Mile:
The usual, although still neat, big name shops here. Our favorites were:
Allsaints (gorgeous displays, gorgeous clothing, gorgeous staff)
Zara (huge!)
Room + Board 

Bucktown/Wicker Park: My personal favorite area (walk up Damen Ave.)
Steven Alan
Unison Home (next to Penelope's)
*also next to Penelope's and Unison is a darling baby store

Lincoln Park: 
Jayson Home (pictured above. don't miss it!)
We were the most unimpressed with this area of town, compared to all the hype I had heard, but we may have not hit the right spots? 

Second City (a must)
The bean (even better than the pictures!)
The Art Institute of Chicago
Because temps were in the teens when we were there it was hard to do outdoor things, but I'm dying to go back and do an architectural tour. So many gorgeous buildings to gawk at.

I always go back and forth between San Fransisco and Chicago being my favorite cities. For now, it's Chicago. Next time I go to San Fransisco I'm sure it'll be that. Chicago is much more walkable though, I'll give it that. If you can handle the cold:) And you really, really cannot beat the midwest hospitality. It's a real genuine thing.

Today You are 7

posted on: 1.23.2014

Although her actual birthday was Monday, which we celebrated Sunday since I went out of town, I still didn't get a chance to write her birthday letter on that day. I was so nervous about leaving over her birthday and played up the fact that she'd have a few days alone with Wyatt, off work nonetheless, and what fun that would be. She replied by telling me how excited she was for me to finally get a girls trip. 
It's a classic Tate reaction and what makes her such a gem.

Today you are seven Tate.
Today you are equal parts sass and sports. Cartwheels and football, followed up with glitter and peace.
Today you love Shake It Up Chicago, Jessie, and Full House.
Today you could think 20 degrees is warm. Always outside, always up for something.
Today you don't walk, you cartwheel. Everywhere.
Today you think of your brothers first, always. They don't know yet how lucky they are.
Today you are tall (er). You've had a big length growth spurt that you're happy about.
Today you still have a tiny bit of that baby tummy left and I love it. You hate it.
Today you've lost two teeth, and are just about to lose one of your front teeth.
Today you are a great reader and love your Junie B chapter books.
Today you are wise, and have a great gauge on what people around you need.
Today you love your iPod, and gymnastics most.
Today you love to wear "workout clothes" even though you don't workout. It's a funny thing.
Today you are sweet. Always reminding us of the little things that matter most.
Today you love oatmeal for breakfast, a maple cookie after school, and if you could, Carbonara every night for dinner.
Today you prefer your hair straight down, in a pony tail, or french braids.
Today you are learning so much in school, but I'm still most impressed with your empathy and care for others.
Today Finn is your shadow. You might never get rid of him.
Today you love to help. Me with dinner, and dad with shoveling the driveway, anything. "It's always faster with two" you will say if you can tell we might want to quickly get it done on our own. I'm always happy after for your insight.
Today you're the first to check Finn and Tuck's backpack for new artwork. Such a proud sister.
Today when I say "sleep good (at night), or have a good day", you always follow up genuinely with "you sleep good too mom, or I hope you have a good day with the boys mom", instead of just saying okay.
Today you love to jump, flip, and split on the tramp.
Today Katy Perry's Roar, Lumineer's Ho Hey, and What Did the Fox Say are your favorite songs.
Today "fyi mom", "totes", and "cray cray" are common phrases we hear from you.
Today you have outgrown little girl, at least in your eyes.
Today you are still my most favorite girl, and make me the happiest mom ever.

Happy 7th Birthday Miss Tate Scarlet!

Love, Mom

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