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Hello, and thanks for stopping by! Chelsea Horsley Design offers:
 Full Scale Design, E-Design, Styling, Color Consulting, Finishing Touches

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Some previous designs...


(designed for Copy Cat Chic)

(designed for Copy Cat Chic)

(designed for Copy Cat Chic)

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Design In Five

posted on: 2.20.2014

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by, truly. Although, I'm not currently posting please look around and say hello. For real time updates, you can find me here.
Stay tuned for a new website coming soon!

I love hearing "I wish you could just come over real quick" from friends, clients and readers! Or those surprise emails I get from blog readers and potential clients asking for my paint recommendations or favorite sources for lighting. I really do. It means you like what I'm doing & that makes me happy!

I've decided to add DESIGN IN FIVE as a new design service to offer. You can ask simple design questions, and get my professional opinions and sources in a timely manner. Design In Five is a $15 service paid up front, and questions will be answered within 48 hours. It's an in-and-out design experience for us both, which sometimes is all you need, right? Just someone to quickly look at your chair and suggest a new fabric. Or give you some new wallpaper ideas for your outdated powder room. Maybe you're overwhelmed by all the options of the "perfect gray" you see on Pinterest and need a second opinion. Ask away, I'm happy to help!

Email me at for your DESIGN IN FIVE questions

To see a full list of my design services, click here.


*Design In Five will not include any phone calls, ordering of products, or follow ups without additional charge.

Valentine Roundup: Gifts & Homemade Valentine

posted on: 2.05.2014

Today I'm guest posting on the beautiful blog West Coast Capri, and sharing my favorite Valentine gift ideas for you and your littles! I had such a hard time narrowing it down, so I'm sharing the rest here for you. Does it mean I'm cheesy if I'm drawn to this kitschy holiday? Oh well. Cheesy I am then!
^Visit West Coast Capri to see my picks above ^

Here's what I had to leave out of my guest post, but couldn't bear to let go of it completely.
Clockwise from top left 1/2/3/4

For The Littles...

Clockwise from top left 1/2/3

Happy Valentine's Day! 
xo Chelsea

New At Land Of Nod

posted on: 2.03.2014

I love this time of year when all the stores start getting new furniture and decor. It makes shopping, designing, and just dreaming way more fun! Land of Nod, like many of you, is one of my faves and they've got some killer new stuff in. I'm dying to work some of these products into a little boys room I'll be working on soon. Here are all my favorites from their new arrivals...

Clockwise from top 1/2/3/4/5 
 I'm so in love with those camp inspired canvas's. They may need to make an appearance in the boys new room. Finn and Tuck have recently needed to be separated into their own rooms, so sad, but it's for the best. So it's making me rethink how I'm going to transition it into toddler room, and now on an even tighter budget, considering we'll have to do two rooms at the same time. 

One of the best kids rugs of all time. There, I said it. 
Land of Nod took note of all those pinned DIY ombre dressers and created their own. Smart. I'm thinking those bookshelves would look awesome anywhere in the home too, not just in a kids space.

What are your favorites?

Today You are 7

posted on: 1.23.2014

Although her actual birthday was Monday, which we celebrated Sunday since I went out of town, I still didn't get a chance to write her birthday letter on that day. I was so nervous about leaving over her birthday and played up the fact that she'd have a few days alone with Wyatt, off work nonetheless, and what fun that would be. She replied by telling me how excited she was for me to finally get a girls trip. 
It's a classic Tate reaction and what makes her such a gem.

Today you are seven Tate.
Today you are equal parts sass and sports. Cartwheels and football, followed up with glitter and peace.
Today you love Shake It Up Chicago, Jessie, and Full House.
Today you could think 20 degrees is warm. Always outside, always up for something.
Today you don't walk, you cartwheel. Everywhere.
Today you think of your brothers first, always. They don't know yet how lucky they are.
Today you are tall (er). You've had a big length growth spurt that you're happy about.
Today you still have a tiny bit of that baby tummy left and I love it. You hate it.
Today you've lost two teeth, and are just about to lose one of your front teeth.
Today you are a great reader and love your Junie B chapter books.
Today you are wise, and have a great gauge on what people around you need.
Today you love your iPod, and gymnastics most.
Today you love to wear "workout clothes" even though you don't workout. It's a funny thing.
Today you are sweet. Always reminding us of the little things that matter most.
Today you love oatmeal for breakfast, a maple cookie after school, and if you could, Carbonara every night for dinner.
Today you prefer your hair straight down, in a pony tail, or french braids.
Today you are learning so much in school, but I'm still most impressed with your empathy and care for others.
Today Finn is your shadow. You might never get rid of him.
Today you love to help. Me with dinner, and dad with shoveling the driveway, anything. "It's always faster with two" you will say if you can tell we might want to quickly get it done on our own. I'm always happy after for your insight.
Today you're the first to check Finn and Tuck's backpack for new artwork. Such a proud sister.
Today when I say "sleep good (at night), or have a good day", you always follow up genuinely with "you sleep good too mom, or I hope you have a good day with the boys mom", instead of just saying okay.
Today you love to jump, flip, and split on the tramp.
Today Katy Perry's Roar, Lumineer's Ho Hey, and What Did the Fox Say are your favorite songs.
Today "fyi mom", "totes", and "cray cray" are common phrases we hear from you.
Today you have outgrown little girl, at least in your eyes.
Today you are still my most favorite girl, and make me the happiest mom ever.

Happy 7th Birthday Miss Tate Scarlet!

Love, Mom

Friday Faves

posted on: 1.17.2014

Miles Redd's Stair hall design in this Brooklyn townhouse is perfect. I can't stop examining it. 

A darling DIY Dino Tails for kids.

Is the whole Kale thing getting obnoxious? This video will make you laugh either way.

Lookalikes who aren't twins. So interesting, I wonder if I have one out there in the world.

8 Beauty Products the French women swear by, according to Lucky. Paloma of La Dolce Vita shared them with me, and immediately it suckered me into buying this one. I'll let you know what I think.

This cheerful girls room is my Room Re-do today on Copy Cat Chic. See how you can re-create the look for just $1,771. 

I don't know how to even adequately thank you all for your kind words, emails, and gestures. For as much as onlookers love to tease about the blogging world it sure can bring people together, and lend support when it's needed. Thank you sweet friends for allowing me open up. You have buoyed me up, and what a beautiful thing that is. I read and loved each of your comments and emails and hope to reply as time allows. This weekend my mom & sister are coming into town. We'll be celebrating Tate's 7th birthday, as well as spending a little break without kids in Chicago- hooray! I'm thrilled to see family, and recharge myself. See you next week! Have a lovely weekend! xo

Figuring Tuck Out + Figuring Myself Out

posted on: 1.13.2014

I don't know why I'm so nervous to type this, to "announce" this, but I am. I've been sitting here at my computer for over 2 hours diddling around doing everything except writing my thoughts down. I've been fairly open before, but to be completely honest, for the most part I've been holding most of it in.

 We have had this January appointment to possibly find more answers for Tuck scheduled for 5 months. It was last Wednesday. The anticipation for answers was so high and I felt anxious for weeks before. We did get some answers. Tuck has Autism, that was a definite answer. There is also very high suspicion of the Dr. that Tuck also has a genetic disorder. A Pseudo- Down's Syndrome, which could be a number of different things, and takes a very 5 month long wait blood test to figure out, which we're doing. A step in the right direction, but not a clear answer. We have always felt that it was something genetic, and not just a global delay, so to have the doctor confirm our hunch felt good. We also found out that Tuck, probably due to what ever this genetic disorder he has, is also "intellectually disabled", (commonly referred to as mentally handicap). That was real tough one to hear. A big lump appeared in my throat when I could tell where he was headed.

Truth be told, it was all tough to hear. Even though we suspected most of it, and knew deep down it was all likely, it was very emotional. We both realized in that appointment, and throughout this weekend, just how much our life will be changing. Immediately, and possibly long term. The rose colored glasses are off, and we are both processing this slowly.

Immediately the Autism is our priority. We have not had much of the digression that can be typical with kids with Autism, maybe because we caught it early. He has stopped clapping, and used to say mama and dada, which he no longer does. What has been the most challenging has been his behavior. Lack of any communication skills + very very short fuse if things don't go just his way + increase strength, without a correlating awareness of that strength.  I am a barrel of emotions when it comes to it, and my mood and approach to it changes almost by the minute. It's all still really confusing, overwhelming, gosh it's overwhelming, and scary. I feel both a healthy motivation to jump into treatment, and a sense of defeat and bitterness to everyone who's kids are born so healthy, who never have to go through the daily battles. That's really hard to admit, and I hope it's not received in the wrong way. I try to be a positive person, I try to focus on the good. I post a lot of the good, in hopes that my mind will focus on those moments, and in turn, good will come back to me. Lately though, I have been hardened, because it seems like we're being pummeled with bad news. It would be fake for me to say otherwise. It absolutely pains me to say that, as I feel like it's a completely different person than I was 2 years ago, 5 years ago especially. I guess life has just worn me out for the moment. I'm not giving up, and I do believe I can get back to that cheerful, positive person I was, I'm just not ready to pull the pom-poms out yet, and I think that's okay. Please let that be okay.

I've decided in 2014 to open up more. The hardest part of this entire process, besides the unknown, has been the isolation. The living away from family and friends physically, Wyatt's long work hours, and putting up barriers emotionally about how we are really doing. Since we've moved to Indiana we've felt incredibly lonely and isolated, like we're battling this huge beast all on our own and no one even knows. When you live by family and friends they're in your home, you're in there's, you can gauge a persons well being much easier, and it's much easier to open up. Over the phone, email, text, instagram you get about 1/100 of what is really happening. It's hard for me not to tell myself "they won't understand". I usually say that in my head, and just keep things to myself. I am also a pleaser by nature. I know people don't like complainers, I know people like me for my "cheerful, fun nature", and so that's the side I show, even when I don't feel that way. It's sort of a double edged sword, because I keep myself isolated. Sometimes talking to people who don't/can't understand, but are genuinely empathetic is helpful, and sometimes they say all the wrong things and it makes it worse. And sometimes it's just difficult me, and it doesn't matter who I'm talking to. Just please be gentle when talking to me, and I think I could safely say this about anyone who is dealing with something similar. Listen genuinely and without "mom judgement". Don't one-up, or relate and then shift focus. Don't say things like "well, at least", "that's pretty good", or "you still have so much to be grateful for". For me personally, statements like that, instead of boosting me up, like maybe they are intended, only seem naive or insensitive. 

I don't know that I'll be able to wrap this post up with a pretty little bow. Gosh I would like to. I will say that we all, of course, adore and love Tuck more than words can say. He brings tears, of frustration yes, but also of so much joy, to me all the time. Everywhere we go, he lights up the room, and makes everyone fall in love with him. I hope he never remembers these days of me not knowing what I'm doing, and that I can figure it out soon and be a better mom to him. And thank goodness he has the sweetest angel of a sister who does anything and everything for him, and a brother to whip him into shape and always be by his side.

Thank you to those who have called, and emailed. It has meant a lot and does always mean a lot. From family, friends, and blog readers. There are several emails that I haven't replied to (even ones from months ago) and I truly apologize. Please know they were read, and most deeply appreciated, and then re-read. They really lift me up, and what amazing women you are to take the time to write me something encouraging. 

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